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Dragons prophet Beta

Asmdodias a posted Apr 27, 13
If you are interested in Playing Dragons Prophet Join me in the beta the invitation code is here

link: https://www.dragonspropheteurope.com/en/register?fi


sincerly Asmodias
i want to let you all know how I appreciate you joining our guild website. we will be playing more games than the ones listed on the site and will soon post them. I also want to thank everyone for joining this amazing guild, and please go ahead and invite new members everyone is accepted into this guild. we do play many of games and we have a twitch TV channel and pretty soon a YouTube channel. we do plan to post videos of our gaming soon when i get the gaming computer this summer. if you want to check out the twitch TV channel here is the link.


thank you so much for joining and we will see you on the servers 

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Asmdodiasi just want to let everyone know we are recruiting anyone is welcome to join :)
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